Fever all through the night!

I woke up in the middle of Saturday night / Sunday morning (Nov. 26-27) due to a terrible fever!  The bed was soaked and I moved to the other side only to wake up later on with the same problem!

I eventually got up and took off my nightclothes, put on a robe and I had to sleep between the top and bottom covers as the sheets were so wet!

When I eventually got up on Sunday morning I thought back on the previous days and I suppose I was getting sick all along and just dismissed it to some other reason!

It started with a very mild sore throat on the left side of my throat, then the next day that had shifted to the right side.  On the third day Leslie asked me how my throat was and I recall saying it was fine but that now I had an irritating cough.

On the fourth day, while we were hiking I remember saying to Leslie that I was having a hard time focusing but assumed that it was due to the wind and that we were still having occasional “boat moments” where we felt like we were still teetering from the boat ride!

On Saturday (looking back this was the fifth day of my “ailments”) when we came back from horseback riding, I remember saying that I thought the room was roasting hot and could I open the window?  Again, I assumed that it was all due to the days exertion and that our cheeks were hot from the windburn, etc.

We had heard that there was some sort of illness going through the guides and also two of the guests we hung around with had not been feeling so well.  I am not sure if what I had was the same thing.

Funny!?   Anyway, the good thing was that (for me at least) whatever is was wasn’t strong enough to deter my activities and all was well once the fever broke!

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