A quincho is a place where you come together to have a barbecue, “gaucho” style.  After our walk through “Guanaco Central” we ended up at a quincho for lunch.

The building was enclosed with a large pit in the middle that was wood-fueled and had racks on two sides where butterflied lambs were cooking.

The lambs were on a sort of spit so could be turned upside down for even cooking.  There was also a grill eased over the fire where salmon, beef, sausages and empanadas were cooking.  At the edges of the pit were clay pots full of potatoes.

As we arrived we were offered some corn or beef empanadas and an adult beverage (or non-adult beverage, if that was your choosing).

We then lined up, buffet style, for salads and then moved toward the fire for our selection of meats.

We sat at a table with two men from Brazil.  Leslie practiced some of the Portuguese she has been learning and it is becoming more and more interesting to me to see how all these languages overlap.  I can generally get the gist of the conversation but not all the specifics and there are certainly times where I have no clue what is being said, but it is ever more clear to me how the French and Spanish speakers just flew through the Italian schools I attended.  Even many of the Portuguese words were exactly the same as Italian.

Leslie and I gave the BBQ a “6”.  Neither of us are really fans of this type of cooking.  Watching the set-up was fun, though!

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