Balmaceda Lake

On Tuesday morning, Leslie and I walked around an edge of Balmaceda Lake with our guide Javier.  It was essentially a bird-watching walk and we saw a wide variety of birds in this area.  I don’t have many photos, though, as while in flight it is pretty difficult to capture a bird!

The area was quite wet and swampy which made for some interesting challenges at times!  We also passed a lot of cows grazing in the fields nearby!  Mmmm, what’s for dinner!   The Chileans will readily admit that they prefer Argentine beef, though, as the grazing lands in Argentina are much flatter allowing for more tender, less muscular, beef.

During the day, we also saw many black-headed swans and our guide pointed out to us how the carry their young on their backs until they are old enough to swim on their own, too cute!

For lunch we ate in Puerto Natales called “Afrigonia” which is a restaurant owned by a Kenyan and a Patagonian woman.  It was a nice change in pace and we enjoyed two Calafate Sours with lunch which packed a good punch!

We then visited the town museum which had some great information on the Aonikenk, and the first white settlers and included this funny little wood and skin row boat that Eberhardt used to navigate around the waters of the region.  This thing was quite small and was made with hinges and could fold up into the size of a suitcase.  It is crazy what some people do / did!

I will also include some random shots of the town of Puerto Natales as we walked around today.  The photos include an interesting mural of the Aonikenk, a funny little trash can dressed like a miner and an example of some things for sale in the shops.

Once back at the hotel, the winds picked up significantly!  Summer is apparently the windiest time of year and we have certainly been experiencing that fact!

The hotel was architected such that the building will purposely groan with the wind and is meant to sound like a ship weathering the seas!  Let me tell you, it does!  At dinner we were laughing about the noises with a honeymooning couple at the next table.  Good ghost story weather!

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