Escape from Chile!

Our time in the Chilean part of Patagonia ended this morning, November, 30.

We got up and finished packing, ate breakfast, etc., and were all ready for our 8:30 transfer to our next destination.

We loaded onto the van, just myself and Leslie and the driver, but soon there was an issue.  The driver could not locate the paperwork associated with the car and we were going to be passing over the border into Argentina today and this information was vital.  Plus, he needed to return home after dropping us off!

This went on for about an hour during which we got off the van and waited in the hotel.

After a while, it was determined that the papers must have been mistakenly forgotten at the border control so we loaded up and drove to the control offices.  No such luck, no papers, so we had to head back to the hotel.

The van we were in was the only one the hotel had that had all the proper insurance to transport passengers to Argentina so this was a big problem.  Eventually, the hotel had to hire another service to transport us and we also took the original driver with us in hopes that the papers were on the Argentine side of the border.

We started off again at about 10:15, nearly two hours past our original departure time!   Thank goodness we didn’t have a flight or any obligations today!

We passed through the Chilean border which meant unloading and going through passport control.  Then got back in the van and continued on for a few more miles and had to do the same thing at the Argentine side of the border.

Fortunately the papers where found at the Argentine border control office!

I love this country (Chile), but jeez, getting out today was difficult!

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