Pingo River

I think Leslie was surprised to see me down at breakfast on Sunday morning (Nov. 27).  This is the morning after my fever and she must have figured out from the fact that my nightclothes were over the shower rod, and that I was sleeping in a robe, that something was up so she had gotten up quietly so as not to disturb my sleep.

But ‘no!’, we had a hike to the Pingo River today and I was going! This was our last walk in the Torres del Paine National Park as we are leaving Explora today.

The walk was fairly easy, through some woodland areas. It seemed a bit more damp here and there were more ferns and mosses and such.

We passed a small little refuge for campers, just the barest of a shell with a couple of rooms that you could bed down in if the weather was atrociously bad!

It was an out-and-back walk and we finished in time to enjoy a nice lunch before heading off to our next destination.

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