El Calafate

Leslie and I arrived in El Calafate, Argentina, late this afternoon after a 5 hour drive from Puerto Natales, Chile.

The hotel is interesting.  It is a series of casas (houses) and each one has a downstairs living room, a dining area, an upstairs common area and then a bunch of bedrooms (I think there were eight in our casa).  The idea is to feel like you are staying in a Patagonian home.  The houses themselves struck me as having quite American feeling, in the vain of some of the newer construction using stone and giving the feeling of being in a lodge somewhere far from the madding world!

Our case was aptly named “Casa del Viento”, House of the Wind!  It has been a very windy trip and at least once a day someone tells us that it is always windy in the summer and it is never windy in the winter.  So there’s the trade-off for coming in the winter!  I don’t mind it, really, it is just remarkable at just how windy it can be at times!

It is a short walk to town so we headed in for red meat!  The smell of meat in Argentina just sends me wild!  I’m like the dog on the “Snausages” commercial!

Attached are some photos of town, the hotel, and of the Ibises that roam the property!  They are the most interesting looking birds!  Really very pretty and about the size of a large seagull.

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