Dogs rule!

Dogs run free all over South America!  They are not wild or rabid, they are just running around free.  It is the funniest things sometimes but I imagine it must drive some of the residents crazy.  Plus, they are mostly big dogs!

The most overrun place I have been to is Valparaiso, Chile, three years ago.  There they were a real nuisance and there was quite a lot of poop dodging necessary.

If I was a dog, though, El Calafate is where I would want to live.  The dogs here just flop down and go to sleep absolutely anywhere and no one seems put out about it at all! They are like El Calafate’s version of the town drunks!

The attached slideshow shows how they sleep right in the middle of the sidewalk and people just walk around them, there is one guy so deep in one of the bushes that you can barely see his nose and front leg.  There was even one at the Glaciarium!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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