After visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier, we asked the tour service if they could drop us off at the “Glaciarium” which is on the way back to hotel / the town.

The Glaciarium is an ice-themed museum that contains an extensive amount of information on glaciers, including several short movies.

The outside of the Glaciarium looks like some sort of non-denominational church so we were joking about worshipping at the House of the Glaciarium.

The Glaciarium also houses the “Glacio Bar” which you can visit for a maximum of 20 minutes but can drink as much as you want when you are inside!  To get in, you have to don a thermal hoodie and some gloves, and put on surgical booties over our shoes.

The bar wasn’t as cold as you might imagine, but the cups are made of ice and after a while our mouths and lips did start feel a bit peculiar / numb.

We each had one drink and then had to leave for the shuttle back to town!

Included in the slideshow is a picture of a picture of the black-necked swans carrying their young.  I wasn’t supposed to take any pictures (except of the bar) but I had made reference to these swans a few posts ago so snatched a photo!

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