Pajcha – Museo de Arte Étnico Americano

My hotel suggested that I visit the “Pajcha” museum of Ethnic American Art so that was the first thing I did today.

The museum was a very pleasant surprise!  It is quite small and I was the only tourist in there for a long time and had the undivided attention of the director, Diego, who must have used my name in every single sentence he spoke! “Look at this, my friend, …”  He was quite entertaining and had some difficulty pronouncing ‘unique’ which came out more like ‘eunuch’.

The museum was very good, though!  It is a life-long collection of Liliana Madrid de Zito Fontán, a local ethnologist/anthropologist and museum founder.  The museum contains and is a mix of artifacts, some contemporary, from many of the indigenous people between here and Cuszco, including quite a lot of Mapuche jewelry.

Well worth the visit.

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1 Response to Pajcha – Museo de Arte Étnico Americano

  1. Celeste says:

    Gracias por acercarnos al Museo Pajcha de Arte Etnico Americano de Salta. Es necesario aclarar que el señor Diego Outes Coll es uno de los guías del Museo, la Directora es la Dra. Liliana Zito Fontán, Antropóloga y curadora del fantástico Museo y espacio cultural destacado a nivel internacional. Les recomiendo la web del Museo Pajcha es un lujo para Sudamérica. Felicitaciones a su creadora que puso a la vista del mundo un Museo de vanguardia con colecciones únicas. La didáctica es otro tema a encarar ya que se proyecta a los estudiantes, además edita libros y realiza concursos. Excelente en todo sentido, muy recomendable. C. Bengurión

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