Home again

I arrived back in North Carolina this past weekend.  Fortunately both cars are running!!  I left one in my garage and my neighbors were kind enough to start it up once in a while, and I left the other one at the dealership, which is close to the airport, and had them change the battery and make sure it stayed running while I was gone!  I picked that one up on my way home from the airport.

During my absence, a mouse (or more) decided to squat in my house.  There are signs of nibblings on one end table and on a lamp cord in my bedroom. Little b*stards! My pest control service just left, so we’ll see how that goes!

Similar to my last visit home, I have a trip to the dentist (to fix a chip… don’t ask, don’t know) and the hair salon planned for the week and in the meantime it is a full time job going through mail and doing laundry and repacking as I am off again this weekend to Chicago for Ann’s 50th birthday party (she is coming Stateside from London for the holiday season), and then I am off to Ireland for the balance of the year.

Tomorrow I will visit Charlie, my career coach, to see what’s what and have a chat about my travels and my future.  More on that tomorrow!

Oh, and I have changed my blog photo to one of the most beautiful vistas from my trip, the Torres del Paine, as seen from the hotel Explora / my bedroom window! Magnificent!

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