Selling out?

OMG, today I applied for a job!

Today marks exactly five months since I landed in Firenze (Florence) and embarked on my wild and crazy odyssey of travel and language learning!  I have spent a considerable amount of time in both Europe and South America and have been in 8 different countries (not counting the bounces back to the US).

It has been a wonderful experience although I can tell you that there have been plenty of mornings when I have woken up and not only have wondered where I am but have also wondered what continent I am even on and what language will everyone be speaking today?

Five months ago, in my wildest dreams I never would have thought that I would be applying for a job right now.  Not only that, but it is a corporate job, doing pretty much what I had been doing in my last job!

How did this happen?

I stopped in to see Charlie during the few days I was home in November, between trips to Europe and South America and, for fun, said ‘let’s just see what I can find in the database’.

In about five minutes, there it was, a job description at a Fortune 100 in the Pacific Northwest that seemed like it was written with me in mind.  Plus, I have a sister living in this city.

I was heading to Argentina in two days and had laundry and packing to do and the deadline for applying for the job was December 7th, I would still be away then and hadn’t updated my résumé in literally a decade!

OK, “whatever”, if this is meant to be it is meant to be.  I am a believer in fate.  I wrote my résumé while on layover in the Atlanta airport and sent it to Charlie for him to have a look while I had fun in Patagonia.

Three weeks later, in Salta, Northern Argentina, I looked at what Charlie had done.  Not much!  Just goes to show you!  It had two days to submit.

When I went on-line, I saw that the company also wanted a cover letter, and had moved the application deadline out until the end of the year.  Good!  No rush!

I went to see Charlie this past Tuesday, he gave me some suggestions for the cover letter, and everything is now in the hands of the Big Guy upstairs (or whoever it is that is controlling my fate, maybe my newfound favorite saint, San Zeno).

So, back to the question of ‘selling out?’.   Is this really what I want to do now that I have been given the opportunity to do something completely different?  Well, the truth is that I actually don’t know!  I know it was time for me to leave my last job, but until I actually go on an interview I don’t think I will know for certain if my old career is totally behind me or just my old company.

All I want is to be happy, and I know my gut will tell me.  The coincidence of this job showing up when it did, and being in the same city as one of my sisters, is just to coincidental to not pursue.

We’ll see!

But I am not finished with my travels yet!  Tomorrow morning I am off to balmy Chicago! Then off to the even cozier country of Ireland!

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