I’m still here!

Wow, the last few days seem to have just blurred by me, but I am still here!

I headed to Chicago on Friday and met my friend Deirdre at the hotel and we headed out for some Indian, which I have been craving after all these months!

We were in town for my friend Ann’s 50th b-day party and several of us met up on Friday evening for champagne at “Pops” and then afterwards we went to “Mercat a la Planxa” for some Catalan inspired tapas.  De-lish!

While having our champagne, Ann informed us that she would be wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress for her party which was being held at some friends’ swanky new apartment on Oak Street!  Uh-oh!  I was planning on wearing jeans!  The invite didn’t say anything about attire!

On Saturday, Deirdre and I went on a bit of a shopping spree as I had to get something a bit dressy for the party.  I ended up with a tiny, sequin, miniskirt and some cute black patent ballet slippers which were already on sale and then another 40% off, so not bad!

The party was great, as was the flat!  Yes, I do think I can live in a much smaller place sometime in my future!

On Sunday we had brunch with some old friends from North Carolina and later that day we headed out of Chicago!

I was lucky enough to be upgraded on both my flight to New York and then my overnight flight to Dublin!

Since being in Dublin I have been sleeping A LOT!   I have been so worn out from all my travels and from later than normal nights in Chicago and then jet lag (I am always worse flying East than West).

The only other big news right now is that I received a phone call from the recruiting coordinator at the Fortune 100 company I applied to last Thursday and I have a telephone interview with the hiring manager next Thursday (29th).

Oh my!  This is really happening!

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