The top of the hill

I experienced a great shock the other day, it happened at the supermarket.

At checkout, the cashier asked me if I was eligible for a senior discount!!!  At first, it didn’t register what she was asking me, but then she said that customers are eligible for the discount at “___” age.  I was still in too much shock for the age to actually register, I think I might have even had a small blackout…did I clutch my chest?…was that a brilliant white light I saw, or just the glare from too many fluorescents?  Of course I am thinking she must have said something in the “60s” as my mind was linking this situation with retirement age.

Okay, I know I am no red carpet beauty, but I had just been to the salon the day before so there were no grey roots showing, and I think my figure is holding up pretty well. Presumably the absence of make-up isn’t working for me (I have probably worn makeup about 10-15 days in the last 6 months), but come on!!!  Senior discount?

I shared this story with my friend Deirdre yesterday and she informed me that this has happened to her, too, and that apparently AARP sends out their welcome packets once you hit 50!  —  50! —-

I must admit that this was a bit of relief to me as I am inside a 5% margin of error on that age, but one is seriously considered a senior at 50?!  That’s 12-17 years before you can start collecting social security (depending on when you choose to retire).

I supposed I should be grateful for the discounts once they come, especially considering the deliberations I have been having with myself about career change and possibly taking my current unemployed status as an opportunity to slow things down going forward which will mean earning a lot less.

So, I am reaching the top of the proverbial hill (according to AARP, anyway).  I hope the view to the other side is pleasant once I reach the summit in a few years!

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