Rule Britannia!

Unbelievably, I am still sorting through papers, files, etc!  It seems endless!  Not only did I have to deal with six months worth of piled up statements and other business letters due to my travels, but I have just been storing a lot of various paperwork since I moved into my house 10+ years ago.  It is boring, boring, work!

To help pass the time, I have been watching Netflix.  It wasn’t until I went to the movies on Saturday night that it dawned on me that I have been totally consumed with all-things English for some reason!  Like what, you ask?

  • Pillars of the Earth  –  I read this book years ago so was interested in seeing the mini series.  It is only on disc, though (at least through Netflix), so I am waiting the arrival of the third and final disc.  It has been entertaining but, like usual, the book was better.  The book was very long and detailed and the mini-series culls down a lot.
  • The Tudors – this is on instant queue.  It is a long, long, series, but it is very, very good!  I have been hearing about Henry VIII since I was very young as my father found him fascinating.  That trait has passed to me as I am also amazed by all Henry got up (or got away with) during his reign, and was just 44 when he died. You just couldn’t make this stuff up!  I am presently up to Katherine Howard (wife 5).  Of course, there is the ex-communication by the Pope, and the obsession over a male heir, but also there has been all sorts of treason and politicking (both international and at court), countless beheadings, hangings, and other such tortures, and a lot of blood-letting, and sex!  The costumes and scenery alone make it worth watching, but it is a very well made production and as it is very lengthy it is packed with all sorts of intrigue!
  • Downton Abbey – I have been doing this series somewhat backwards as I saw much of Season 2 while visiting my mother in Ireland so have just finished up watching Season 1 which has helped put many things in perspective!  For those not familiar, it is similar to “Upstairs, Downstairs” and can be found on PBS under Masterpiece Classics.

So this brings me back to the movie on Saturday night, it was The Iron Lady.  I think Meryl did an amazing job (no surprise) but thought the overall movie was just so-so.  It is seen through the eyes of an old and doddering Maggie Thatcher, in flashback mode.  I didn’t care for that very much.  I wanted to have much more perspective of the trials and tribulations she faced while rising through her career.  She was a ground breaker and inspiration for women and I wanted to see more of her vim and vigor!  I suppose it doesn’t help that I have been watching so much about Henry VIII who showed ‘vim and vigor’ in ways unimaginable!

I actually heard/saw Maggie speak at the major university here in town some years ago. Personally, I don’t think she would look favorably upon the approach they took in her portrayal.  My father had dementia and it is not that period of his life I want to remember him in, either.

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