I returned to the outplacement office this week to attend a presentation made by a local employer that is actually growing quite rapidly and is hiring at a quick clip.  They are also currently privately held, so if their growth continues that could turn interesting if they ever decide to go public and list themselves on an exchange.

None of the current jobs seem to align with my skill set closely enough but it is reassuring to see that there are bright spots out there! I’ll certainly keep following this company in case something more suitable comes along.

In the meantime, I have applied for a position at a major media company headquartered in Atlanta and a major German pharma with US headquarters in New Jersey.  There are quite a few other positions I will apply for, too, but first I suppose I should buy something to wear on an interview in case I get called to the offices!

Of course, in these modern times all applications are now done electronically. Applying at the German company was really difficult, though, in that there was a point in the process where I had to wait for them to e-mail me an ID and password (from Germany); this is unusual as normally you establish your own access info, just like you would with any other website.  Then there were a couple of more other hurdles, just to apply for a job!?  I could insert a comment regarding German stereotypic here, but I will settle with saying that I have already worked for a major pharmaceutical company and am not surprised by the overkill of sterility and procedure as they are highly regulated.  It doesn’t bring back very happy memories, now that I think about it!

This week I will apply for a position at one of the key competitors of my last employer, I can’t imagine that they won’t invite me in, even if just to pick my brain!  I am no longer under any confidentiality agreement, so it is all fair play!

Good times!

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