I began the process to start claiming unemployment!  I had to spend about an hour on the phone with a guy from the unemployment office while he gathered a lot of information about my employer, pay, etc.  He then cross checks all this info against my ex-employer to make sure everything agrees.  God knows what kinds of trickery they have seen!

In order to receive payment, I need to file a Weekly Statement that attests to the fact that I have applied for at least two jobs during the past week and I have to keep adequate documentation of these jobs in case the State decides to audit me.  Good times!  Just like filing taxes!

There are actually a bunch of jobs that I am interesting in pursuing, so at least for now applying for two a week seems very easy.  My worry is that I will actually file for a lot more than two per week, initially, and once they are exhausted will there be enough new vacancies behind them to keep the pace going.

One step at a time, though!  At least it is looks promising out there, right now!  We’ll see what happens!

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