Today I was assigned to ride Carter at the stables.  He is a handsome, sturdy horse, full of muscle with a big round belly that looks like he is full of other stuff, too!

Carter’s girth is quite like one of my other favorite horses, Moment, who I think is just the cutest horse at the stable. Whenever I mention Moment’s big belly my instructor always says “yeah, he never misses a meal”.  Moment is not the most handsome, but he is definitely the cutest!  He has a lovely little face, the cutest little shape, and a winning hair style!

Anyway, Carter and I got along famously! He has a lot of pep! He may be the perfect horse to fill the presumed “Beau void” now that Beau’s right cantor is failing … and who was not working today after suspiciously acting colicky but then was caught eating grass (they know all the tricks!).

What else is up?  It has been quite a dull week, actually!  I haven’t heard from either of the companies I applied to over the weekend, but I know that I am overqualified for one of them.

This evening I applied for a position very similar to the job I just left, and at one of the major competitors of my ex-employer.  I mentioned this opening in a recent post.  I don’t believe I would be eager to go back into the same industry but this company is doing quite well.  I would find it odd if I am not contacted as, if nothing else, I am sure they would be interested in hearing about my work experience.  I am fine with that as the interview practice would be helpful.

I was also contacted by the unemployment office to square up some details.  I have spoken to three individuals from these offices so far and I must say that my dealings with them so far have been extremely pleasant!  The woman I spoke to today is now officially assigned to my ‘case’ and her name was really quite entertaining.  I can’t write it in the post without disclosing her identity (which I don’t want to do), but let’s just say the name and spelling was similar to someone being named “Phabulous”.


About Sophia la Vespa

I'm a sweet little Italian import exploring Seattle. You're welcome to follow me! 😉
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