The Real Housewives of Charlotte

I must admit that The Real Housewives is one of my guilty pleasures.  The women in these series are just too much to be believed.

Today I was in Neiman Marcus, Charlotte and had a “Real Housewives” moment.  A group of tall, glamorous women with “over the top” breasts, hair, heels, nails, and handbags sauntered into the department in which I was in and I actually did a quick look around for a camera crew.  All the salesclerks seem to know them .. I didn’t.  I can only assume they were N.C. Panther wives, or connected to some “pro” something or other here in Charlotte.  I couldn’t name a Panther to save my life.

It was a funny experience as most famous people try their best to be incognito, whereas the semi-famous, or locally famous, or reality TV famous do just the opposite!

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