This job search stuff is annoying!

Lord, I have really plowed myself into it over the last few days and it is overwhelming!  It reminds me of that movie Drew Barrymore was in where she goes on about having to keep up with all sorts of electronic means when dating….i.e. phone, texting, messaging, etc.

In the modern job search age one has to juggle numerous job search websites such as LinkedIn, Simply Hired, The Ladders, Indeed, etc.  Then, most of these sites require that you set up your profile of professional and education history.  Some want the exact dates you were at each job (not just the months, which is bad enough)!  Thank God I had sorted through all my files and paperwork recently as I found my diplomas and some work info, etc.; however, I must admit that some of the dates I just had to make up!  I know I left one job in November, but the date?  The 15th sounds good!  Most of these websites let you set up alerts so at least you can then get routine e-mails for new postings based on certain key words, but initially plowing through these sites was painful!

Then, once you find a job you are interested in, applying for the job means you pretty much have to go through all of the above all over again!  Most company sites let you upload your résumé and their systems try and populate various fields with the info on your résumé, but it doesn’t always work so you have to go through each page and make sure the fields are correct.  The worst of this is that some sites will only let you paste your résumé in and it looses all formatting (just retains text) so your résumé looks like crap!  Oh well, at least all the other résumés they get must look bad, too!

In the last few days I have applied to jobs in all corners of the U.S. and in a wide variety of industries running from coffee, to cosmetics, to electronics, to apparel.  Well see what happens!

Most jobs have application closing dates that extend into late February / early March and it is impossible to know if they start interviewing before the deadline or not.  Some jobs disappear from the websites all of a sudden so I assume that some companies certainly must jump on the candidates asap or must have had a candidate already in mind (e.g. internal and required to post externally, or an external candidate that they were interested in hiring away).

There are tons of jobs out there, though!  Of course, this time of year the hiring budgets are renewed / reopened and there are also many people that resign from their jobs after bonuses get paid.

The waiting around part will now be frustrating.  It seems as though 4-6 months is the average time it takes to land a job.  UGH!

I will go over to the outplacement office this afternoon to do some more research on the companies to which I applied.  I can do that stuff at home via their site, but this way I can chat with Charlie (my career coach) and save on ink and paper, too!

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