The case of the vanishing jobs

At first I thought I was going crazy, but now I know I am not. It is the job market that is flat out crazy!

As I mentioned in a prior post, all jobs are posted and applied for on-line via sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder, corporate websites, etc., and I can tell you that there are TONS of jobs posted, many at senior levels and at very attractive companies, and juggling all these sites is quite the chore!

There was a job at Starbucks that intrigued me a few weeks ago and when I went to apply I could no longer find it, it had vanished from their own corporate website and from all the major job boards.

Last Friday, I was e-mail alerted about numerous jobs, one of which was at a major, major, major sports apparel company in Oregon and another at a major coffee company in Vermont (Ben & Jerry country).  I applied to both jobs and now they are both gone from the websites, just like the Apple job.

These are just a few examples.

I can only imagine that some companies just get flooded with résumés and it must be like they’ve “crashed” on the amount of applications they receive.  No doubt that for some of these companies there is a choice of super-select candidates to interview.  It is just crazy to see how ‘on your game’ you need to be with these jobs.  Of course, everyone is getting e-mail alerts and you can apply almost instantly from your computer, iPad, smartphone, you name it, and from whatever random location!

This is some real competition, ladies and gentlemen!  The true test of one’s mettle!

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