Dust Bunnies

OMG, yesterday was not a pleasant day!

First, I was just burned out on the job search thing but I made arrangements to go over to see Charlie mid-afternoon to get myself out of the house and catch up with him, etc.

So, instead of working on my career, I decided I needed to do some house cleaning. I got the vacuum out and started working my way around the living room. I don’t like to vacuum, but now I am actually going to be afraid of it!

I have an area rug and decided that first I would start vacuuming the hard wood areas and around the baseboards, etc., so I had the long wand-y attachment thing out and was going around the underneath edges of the area rug, too.

I was around the back of one of my armchairs and pushed it up on its front legs so I could get underneath the edge of the rug when I looked down and saw this really fluffy thing that looked like a piece of fox fur. I’m thinking to myself, “what do I have that is furry that I could have dropped behind the chair?”….OOOOH, NOOOO!.. as all of a sudden I snapped out of it and realized OMG ITS A SQUIRREL TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT IS AN F*ING SQUIRREL TAIL!

I dropped the chair and ran into the dining room! OMG! OMG! There is a dead squirrel under the chair in my living room!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!

I rang up my pest control service and told the woman that answered that there was something dead in my living room and someone needs to come and take it away! “I am pretty sure it is a squirrel, but I am not going near it again and I don’t want to know for sure, I just want it gone!”

I have removed a dead bird from under a piece of furniture at my friend Deirdre’s house, but when it is in your own house it is different. It is so weird and creepy! How long had the squirrel been in the house? How long have we been in here together like this? How did he get in? Will it happen again? I was sleeping, showering, eating, etc, with him in the house? I had only just eaten lunch about an hour before I found him/her/it. Yuck!  It is some weird invasion of home/privacy kind of a feeling. You are meant to have complete control/knowledge of what is going on in your house!

Within 20 minutes one of the guys came by and took the carcass away. Unfortunately, there was some mess left behind. UUUUUHHH!! I had to spray it down with Windex and put some Lysol on it and then leave it penetrate until I got back from visiting Charlie. OMG, yuck! They all got a good kick out of this at the outplacement office. Talk about dust bunnies!

I had to stop by the supermarket on the way home to pick up my “HAZMAT” supplies to clean up (i.e. disposable gloves, etc.).

This is actually the second time I have had a squirrel in the house, in the living room, in fact! The other time was about two or three years ago. I woke up at about 5:00 am one morning to this God-awful squealing. I figured it must have been some animal fight going on outside but then I realized that it sounded way too close.

My bedroom is on the main floor. I got up and went into the living room as this was the source of the racket. Sure enough, there was a squirrel that somehow trapped himself behind the upper portion of one of the plantation shutters! God only knows where he came from and how the hell he got himself trapped behind the shutters, but there he was, in a shear panic! I called my pest control company and left them a message and then went and got some painters tape that I ran up the slats to trap him in and went back to bed.

He was making such a racket that I just had to get up, get ready, and wait. Hearing him nibble at the blinds between the squeals, and seeing his little hands grab at the edge of the slats every once in a while.

When the pest guy finally came, shortly after 8:00 am, he called from outside the house checking on the squirrel’s location and making sure that the squirrel wouldn’t see him! See him? What, was the squirrel going to recognize him from another incident?

Anyone, once inside, the pest guy had me help him move around the furniture and get some boxes to make a sort of channel from the window to the front door to guide the squirrel out. I wasn’t sure this was going to work. If I was a squirrel I would run up and down the blinds and walls and all over the house! This has been my observation of squirrels, they are very indecisive and irrational, going every which way, hence the term “squirrelly” (which is even in Word’s spellcheck, no lie!), who knows what they are going to do! The pest guy assured me that the squirrel would stay on the ground and run the course.

The pest guy was right, we opened the shutters and he was out of the house in a flash of his little fluffy tail!

Back to the current story. The pest control guy is coming back with another one of the ‘wildlife’ specialists to check my chimney in the next few days. We assume that one of my chimney caps must be askew and that there is just enough space for a squirrel to literally drop in every once in a while. God knows it can get windy enough in the South for anything to be put off balance. He said that they are such nervous critters that the one under the chair probably had a heart attack.

Thank God for the pest control service! I have been using the same one for about 12 years so they are pleased to help! Normally they do the regular quarterly spraying to keep any bugs away, perform the annual termite inspection, etc. I think they like having something more thrilling every once in a while!

I am just grateful that these two squirrels didn’t cause any damage!

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