It is impossible to make sense of this job search process!  I threw together a résumé in November during a layover at the Atlanta airport, tweaked it slightly while in a hotel in Salta, Northern Argentina, sent it to the largest on-line retailer in the world just before Christmas and had a phone interview with the hiring manager less than two weeks later.

Since then….nothing!?

I have since revisited my résumé numerous times, tweaking this and that, ‘prettying-up’ the format, etc.  I know the résumé I sent in December was subpar so it is weird that it was picked up by A_____ .

Recently I applied for a job at a big cereal company in Michigan through one of the job boards and about two days later I received an e-mail from a guy at the job board critiquing some things in my résumé and indicating that I could have it professionally rewritten by a Certified Résumé Writer for just under $400!  This got me quite riled up! I know that they are just trying to make a buck, but as I wasn’t expecting the critique I was initially quite insulted!  So, back to the computer I went!

I have rooted around the internet looking at all sorts of résumés to see what the ‘current’ formats are, etc.  It is like anything, things go in and out of style.  So now I have version 1,523!  Some résumés are really over the top with graphs and such!  That’s a bit much for me, personally!

My other strategy is now that I know about these free 30,000 foot critiques, my game is to post my résumé on a board, wait for feedback, tweak a thing or two if I agree with the feedback (because if they hope to make money they are going to say something) and then I post it on the next board….and on and on.  Sooner or later it will be the most perfect thing imaginable!   I have shared my strategy with a guy at the outplacement office and he is going to do it, too!

The games we play!

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