Caving in

I woke up this morning to a phone call that my résumé critique was ready.  The comments were somewhat similar to the last critique saying that based on my experience and career progression that they could turn my résumé into something that would make recruiters rush to the phone to snatch me up.  So, I have decided to give it a go.

Why the change of heart?  Because later this morning I went to pick up a suit I recently purchased and had altered and as I was heading to the car I was wondering to myself when I would ever be wearing the stupid thing and once hired it will probably just hang in the closet.  Then it started to hit me that I was prepared to spend a couple of hundred on a suit that was worth nothing if I can’t even get in the door so why didn’t I invest in something pre-door if I was prepared to spend a similar amount for a post-door thing that I will likely never wear again?  That one piece of paper (or maybe two pieces) holds total control of the situation.

I also started to think that my résumé was becoming some sort of strange obsession and that there were plenty of other things I needed to be spending my time on like riding horses, cleaning up after dead squirrels (FYI, the guys are coming to check the chimney on Friday), etc.  I want to do more things around the house like paint some trim, sort out clothes for Goodwill, etc., and I’m not getting around to that stuff.  Other things I need to focus on are a trip to Virginia this weekend to visit my cousin and Aunt, and the fact that my brother-in-law from Scotland is going to be staying with me for a few nights as he visits North Carolina and Virginia for business.  Lastly, I was starting to get sloppy with trying to tailor my résumé to some jobs; the other day I sent one out where I forgot the “f” in the word “shift”!  No lie!!!  Fortunately it wasn’t for a job I was overly eager about so I got a huge laugh out of it!  I just need a one-size-fits-all résumé.

At the end of the day, every day that goes by without a job is costing me more than that résumé so why not farm it out and call it a day on this thing? It will allow me to do other things in the meantime and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  God knows these job boards understand how the recruiters are screening and how to catch their eyes. I’m sure my current résumé would get me in some mid-range or local jobs, but I have worked at Fortune companies my whole career and there are some great jobs that are being posted and filled and I need to keep my skin in that game!  I feel like a Patriot and I’m a New Yorker, d*ammit! I am a Giant! Yeah! Touchdown! (Even if winning comes by way of an  unglamorous drop of my butt over the goal line!)

Most important, I feel relieved about it!  Plus they will provide a cover letter which is the part about this process that I detest the most!!

My CPRW (certified professional résumé writer) is calling me tomorrow at 2:00.

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