Funny things about my blog

I use WordPress for my blog and one of the screens shows stats on what posts have been viewed each day.  It find it fascinating to look at this page to see who searched for what as some of the posts were written so long ago!  For instance, today 3 people searched for info on Santa Croce which is a church in Florence on which I wrote a post on July 16th, way, way, way back when I first started this blog!  It was my second day in Italy.  Many famous people like Michelangelo, Dante, and Galileo are buried in Santa Croce, it is well worth a visit.  I suspect this might be the same person coming back to the post more than once, or that they are planning a trip to Florence and have clued family/friends to this particular post.  It’s just fun to wonder for a minute!

Also today, someone was searching for info on Bratislava, which I visited in the Fall.  A lovely city!

People look for all sorts of funny things, almost every day this month I have had several searches for ‘terremoto’ (earthquake in Italian) which makes me think they must have had another tremor somewhere recently. I wrote a post after experiencing a terremoto in Verona. You might not think about Italy being earthquake prone but it is…also volcanoes! Also, my “Real Housewives of Charlotte” post has been super hot!  I guess there are folks out there that hoped to find that it was actually going to be added to the series (sorry!)

Sometimes complete strangers make comments, once someone left one in Spanish after I blogged about a museum in Salta, Argentina.  I could pretty much translate the lengthy comment with the use of my Italian skills, which added to the fun!

I don’t know who is behind these searches and don’t care (although I think there is an upgrade of WordPress that enables more info), I am just hopeful that I impart some information, photos, insights, whatever, that helps them with whatever they are searching for, either literally or figuratively!  God knows I loved traveling to these places and visiting these sites!

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