The arrival of winter!

It it late February and finally some snow!  The first of the season!

A week or two ago I had made plans to visit my cousin in Roanoke, Virginia this weekend as it is President’s Day and therefore she had a three-day weekend (she’s a teacher).

Then out of the blue this past week the forecast started to shift and there were predictions of snow this weekend with Roanoke falling into the 5+ inch zone.  The winter has been so warm!  Why this weekend?  Of all weekends!

I was undeterred.  My Aunt had to move in with my cousin and her husband and son shortly after Christmas due to health issues so she was really looking forward to the visit.

Saturday was gloriously warm and we lingered on the porch in the afternoon and bets were being made with friends and neighbors as to whether the weather would arrive.  Personally, I had no doubt, I have seen many, many instances of temperatures dropping 30+ degrees in a day, what were these people thinking?

Sure enough, on Sunday (yesterday) morning the snow arrived.  My cousin, and I got up and went to get lattes and then visited Lowe’s to get what I thought would just be samples of some paints I helped her pick out for several rooms in her house.  The next thing I knew, she was buying 12 gallons of paint!  12 gallons!  Cousin!!!!

The snow was coming down heavy as we left Lowe’s at 9:30.  We were covered with thick, wet snowflakes which soaked our heads as we tried to brush them off!

As it was now truly evident that we were going to be housebound for a while we went to work when we got home.  By the time I left during late afternoon today (Monday) we had cleaned all the baseboards and cabinet tops and applied two coats of paint throughout the dining room, kitchen and some hall space, including all the ceilings.  It was a whirlwind of work interrupted with chile, turkey tacos and beer…thanks to her husband who is a good cook and helped us with the ceilings!  🙂

I am not entirely sure if she had planned to corner me into actually paining, but it is a great sense of accomplishment to have it done.  I expect to be invited back soon to work on some of the other rooms!

We ended up with at least 6 inches of snow at my cousin’s house.  Most of which melted today as the weather already started to bounce back up and the sky was brilliantly sunny!

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