Air hyphen

My cousin, who is a teacher in a public school, was telling me a story over the weekend about an angry mother that came to school recently complaining that no one was using the air hyphen in her daughter’s name.  Long story short, the girl has an apostrophe in her first name and some of the school systems don’t allow this punctuation mark.  I have an apostrophe in my last name and often run into the issue of it being considered an ‘illegal character’ in certain systems, also in e-mail addresses.

Apparently an apostrophe is known as an ‘air hyphen’ in this girl’s home. So, not only don’t they know the proper name of the punctuation mark, but if anything it should be called an ‘air comma’!?!

We had a good laugh over this and I told her that Nike should rename the ‘swoosh’ the ‘air hyphen’ as it better coincides with Air Jordan’s, etc.!

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