I never followed up on how my professionally written résumé turned out.  I got it back late last week and the biggest change is that the writer culled my whole career down to just 1.3 pages!  I had her add back a job that she had eliminated as I felt a little naked!

The skill these writers have is to cut to the chase.  They know how to make the document feel more ‘airy’ and eliminate all but the most crucial, compelling facts and information.  So….we’ll see how it goes!

A previous boss e-mailed me this week and she is starting a new job in a week or two after looking for over four months.  She is a Standford undergrad and has a Wharton MBA, so it shows how tough it is for everybody!  It guess it is more fare to say it is ‘slow-going’ as opposed to ‘tough’.  Just a matter of time (hopefully)!

My old boss had also said “put in lots of applications and let the universe surprise you!”.

I like the philosophy of letting fate take hold so now that I have a résumé and cover letter that I am happy with I am flinging résumés out into the ‘black hole’ of internet job sites like nobody’s business to see what stick!  Just like throwing spaghetti at the wall!

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