Lost parrot?

My neighborhood has a ‘list serve’ e-mail distribution and my next door neighbor sent this e-mail a little while ago.  I will need to go over and see what’s up!

“Is anyone missing a parrot? Showed up this afternoon at my friend’s house. Seems very friendly. Green with blue on wings. They have him inside for safe keeping. Contact ###  “

Shortly thereafter, the following was sent:

“Subject: Lost female wallaby

If found contact #####.  We do miss her dearly…”

It reminds me of a similar story from years ago when I was living in New York.  My mother was telling me that she had been to the post-office and that there was a big group of people outside staring up into one of the trees right outside the entrance. When she looked up she saw that the tree was full of parrots.  “Parrots, Mom?”  “Yes, the tree was full of parrots.”  This went on for a while.  My mother can be a little eccentric at times so I was wondering if she was telling the truth or needed to visit the opthamologist or could even positively identify a parrot way up in a tree.  Do parrots even travel in a flock? Anyway, we dropped the subject after a while.

The following day, there was a segment on the evening news about a group of parrots being spotted in several places around the city!?


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