Well, it happened!  I actually applied for a job in Sheboygan!!   Well, not exactly…it is even “worse” than that…it is in a suburb of Sheboygan!

Prior to starting into this job search I stated to several of my friends that I am prepared to go pretty much anywhere for the experience (both job and life experience), “even Sheboygan!” (chosen for the humor of the name) and can stick anything out for a year.

I am serious about that, too, I love the outdoors and horseback riding, etc., so some of these off-beat locations have an odd appeal to me. Like the Irish countryside!  They are also going to be located to other places that I haven’t yet explored and I like looking at the ‘lemonade’ side of things…’what’s near there?’, ‘where else can I visit?’, ‘How far are any national parks, etc.?’

So, I am walking the talk!

Where exactly is Sheboygan, you ask?  Wisconsin!  Guess what the company makes?  Cheese!  Duh!  Maybe I can develop a cheesehead accent!  “Don’tcha know?!”

At the end of the job description the company makes a statement about their connection to the land, etc., and say “even the cows are in on it!”

Oh boy!!!


About Sophia la Vespa

I'm a sweet little Italian import exploring Seattle. You're welcome to follow me! 😉
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