Today I received a rejection e-mail for a job I applied for just yesterday!  This is the fastest response I have ever received, plus it’s the weekend!!!  Obviously some computer application does all the screening.  The job is at a well known company that jars spices, their products are in all the supermarkets.

The position I applied for was the exact same title, level, etc., that I have held for 13 years at my last employer.

There is just no telling what goes on within the “black box” of internet applications!

I may send a hard copy application through the mail, although I have done that with a few other company’s and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere (i.e. the cosmetics companies in NY).

From: “DoNotReply@[company].com”
To: [me]
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 2:00 PM
Subject: Did not meet minimum qualifications for employment

Dear [me],

You recently submitted an application for the [exactly my last position; title, level, etc.] position with [company].  We regret to inform you that you did not meet the minimum qualification requirements for this position.  Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with [company].  You may return to the Career Center to search for additional job opportunities.



 This is an automated email; please do not reply to this email address.

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