Is anyone else experiencing issues with flies this season?  Over the last few weeks I seem to have had numerous huge-ass flies in the house that apparently are in the last hours of their lives and behaving very erratically.

First, they seem to really enjoy just walking along the hardwood floor.  I keep panicking that I have some big creepy crawly bug in the house only to find out that it is a non-flying fly.  Or, secondly, they are trapping themselves behind the plantation shutters or within a lampshade and making so much racket they sound like helicopters.  Or, thirdly, and worst of all, they seem to have some strange desire to dive-bomb at my head.  What is that about?

They seem to keep coming one at a time which is very annoying.

Oooh!  Carolina is back on the floor for their 2nd half, gotta go!  Now that Syracuse is out, I am rooting for UNC (I’m still an ‘old school’ Big East girl at heart).  If UNC doesn’t make it to the Final Four, I don’t care who wins this thing.

Follow-up:  OK, that was a really awful last 3-5 minutes of the UNC game.  Obama is out now, too!

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