House Beautiful

What’s the worst thing about moving house?  The fact that you fix it up beforehand and it looks so good you kick yourself for not doing it sooner so you could enjoy it more!

I assume I will be moving from my house, either selling or renting, so I have been cleaning and painting, etc.  Why the assumption?  Well, the fact that I haven’t looked for a job locally pretty much assures that I will be going somewhere else.

I still have loads to do, the garage is so overdue for a paint job that it is embarrassing, but for now I am doing the things I can do myself.  Painting ceilings, halls, and the downstairs rear bedroom is next on the list.  I suppose then it will be the garden/yard, mulching and weeding and all that fun stuff.

Between looking for a job and getting the house in order my life is full of boring and (currently) unrewarding stuff at the moment!  I know both will eventually pay off, but in the meantime it is rough stuff!

Reminds me that I need to call my mother and tell her that St. Anthony isn’t coming through!

My sage advice is not to put off fixing your place up!  Especially if there are relatively cheap fix ups like painting and mulching.  You deserve to enjoy it!!!

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