Winging it

I am becoming an expert at rattling off answers to some of the most awkward and uncomfortable interview questions like the awful “So, tell me about yourself”.

On Thursday I was all ready to go horseback riding, dressed in my pants and boots and with one foot out the door when the phone rang.  What do you know but it was the major network in Atlanta, the job I thought for sure had gone by the wayside because I could never connect with the hiring manager.

So there I was, a horse waiting on me, having to answer the “so, tell me about yourself” and “so, why did you leave your last job” and all those other fun questions and I’m just yadda, yadda-ing through the whole thing and then she asks me how fast I can come down for an interview!

Long story short is that this position is at a lower level than my last job and I told her that which then led to a salary discussion which wrapped up with me saying the gap was too wide and her saying that she wanted to hang onto my resume and that she would like to share it with her broader group.

If things don’t work out with the other jobs I have up in the air, I may call her back.  Or maybe I left her with enough info to reconsider the position.  She did ask me to quantify the minimum salary I would accept.

I left her with a few more teasers and headed off to the stables.  Jobs on the fly!  Gotta love it!

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