Denver phone interview

I just got off the phone with the construction materials company in Denver and I can assure you that this guy LOVED me!  He was so happy and chipper about everything I said and had to offer.  I could hear him beaming through the phone.

His only concern seems to be that the company is very flat and this role would be very hands-on and would I get bored or fed up with that since I have had a fairly deep staff  so have been operating at a higher level.  That is a hard question to answer from outside the box.  I like to get my hands dirty and love the mechanics of things so would think it would be a while before I learned to dislike certain things, but it is nice to pass off something you don’t want to do to someone else, too!

They are owned by Berkshire-Hathaway so it was hard to get much financial insight while prepping for the call and he was a little hesitant to share too much since that info is not disclosed, but obviously they have been hit somewhat over the last few years due to the housing situation.  Their business is a mix of residential and commercial with a lot of revenue generated from industries like aerospace, too.

Best part? No Walmart!  Yeah!!  So far, only one of the jobs I have up in the air does business with Walmart and it is only a very, very, small segment for them.

When I left my last job my #1 goal was to never have to use Microsoft Office again (a friend then kindly said “well, there’s always Google Docs”).  Ha!  Several months on, I think my real goal is to not have to deal with certain retailers.

So, we’ll see what happens.

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