The waiting game

I am waiting on a lot of things at the moment and feel very restless.

I had a great phone interview with the hiring manager in Atlanta nearly two weeks ago who actually said that he would work with HR on getting me down there for an interview but nothing has happened.  I also have not heard back from the apparel company in L.A.  I knew the hiring manager was traveling for two weeks, but the HR manager seemed eager for him to contact me but nothing has happened there, either.  I left them both voice-mails yesterday, so now the balls are totally in their respective courts.  It’s annoying.  It is like being back in high school and you’re trying to wiggle your way into some inner “cool” circle; or like dating, how long is too long, should I call?  Well, as I say, it is in their hands now.  I can’t pester them again.

In the meantime, my Aunt in Roanoke is dying.  I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that her health was failing and she had to move in with my cousin.  I went up there a few weeks ago and was quite shocked by how frail and feeble she had become.  Well, she fell again about two weeks ago and long story short is that she ended up having several things wrong with her on top of the fall, i.e. a bladder infection, dehydration, etc.  She was taken to the hospital and they hooked her up to some stuff and then she was moved to a nearby rehab center about a week ago but she has essentially just given up the fight.  She has a Living Will and DNR and it was suggested the other day that she go back to the hospital as she is in pain and her vitals are getting worse but she refused.  They started morphine on her two days ago which means it is just a question of time now.  The priest gave her Last Rites yesterday.   It is sad as I have known her all my life, of course, and there is so much history, but this is what she wants.

On the positive, my oldest nephew is expecting his first baby.  The due date was yesterday.  So at least that will be a bright spot.  The circle of life.

I currently have no interviews to prepare for so I have been looking for various things to fill my time and distract my attention.  This morning I painted trim.  I have a lot more trim to do, but the brushes get all gluey after a while (gloss paint) so need to be cleaned periodically.  So guess what happens then?  I have to wait for them to dry.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  I think I’ll go for a walk.

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