The ties that bind us

My aunt died early this morning so I will be heading to Roanoke.  It is good that the lingering is over and it will be nice to see my cousins who are without any parent now as their father died about 3 1/2 years ago.  It makes me wonder what things will be like going forward as during so much of our lives we are drawn together through major occasions and celebrations and through our parents, helping to close any physical or emotional distances that do or could exist.

All of this obviously just serves as a reminder that life is short, too short to be/stay angry or hold any grudges or negative feelings, etc.  Also that in life we all lean on each other and we need to be thankful for those around us that support us through both good and bad times and to never take that for granted and to recognize that help and encouragement can come from the most unexpected places, like kind words from someone that expresses honest concern for how you are doing, a pet that welcomes you home after a crappy day, the Starbuck’s barista that knows your ‘usual’ drink, getting credit for something at work, someone you happen across during the day that put a smile on your face.  Maybe it’s the fact that you read a blog post that made you laugh, or helped you with travel info, or job searching, or tips on learning Italian?  Nobody has to help, we all just do it for one another and it all adds up and helps push us forward.  Don’t just ‘take’ as karma is bound to get you sooner or later!  Help someone out, brighten someone’s day, be a giver, a catalyst, whatever you want to call it, just pass it on!

What did you do today?

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