Irish wakes

My aunt was waked this evening.  The first hour was open casket just for the family and it also gave us time to put up photos, get music sorted, etc.

My aunt looked great, but not like herself, I’m not sure anyone ever does.  To me, she looked more like Margaret Thatcher than anybody. In a way, it made it easier.  She always had great nails and they were painted a lovely deep pink.  It wasn’t until tonight that I realized that it is this side of the family that I inherited my nails from (my mother’s side).  Just like my aunt, I always have nails unless I get really aggravated about how long they are getting and cut them way down; they are hard as a rock and never break.

There were at least nine kids running around in the middle of all this, ages 10 and up, which is typically Irish; all thinking it weird but interesting at the same time.

It wasn’t a very boisterous wake, I expect the ‘after-party’ at my cousin Eileen’s  following the funeral to be more interesting, but we did enjoy seeing each other and old friends.

The craziest line of the night had to come from my cousin Eileen.  Her ex-husband was there and the two of us we were having a good chat catching up when Eileen came over and he said that he didn’t want to leave but that he had to go to work (not sure doing what) and she said, “Can’t you call and make something up like somebody died or something?”.   You mean somebody like your mother?, and his ex-mother-in-law?, and that we are literally at the wake!!!

That’s what the stress of staying by someone’s bedside for days on end can do to someone!  My aunt would have thought that funny, too.  She had a great sense of humor.

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