Home again

I arrived back home late today after all the wake and funeral activity.  Everything went well except that I broke my Lenten resolution of giving up alcohol, just a few days short of Easter Sunday.  I have given up alcohol for the last 6 years or so, so I am disappointed in myself but my cousins all gave me permission as they wanted me to ‘properly’ mourn with them.

I have always been their favorite cousin as I am the the youngest in my family and the same age as the oldest in their family, Eileen, so spent lots of time with them growing up and vacationing with them in the Catskills, etc., all of us packed into a station wagon with their two dogs, Peggy & Chewy.  Chewy always experienced car sickness which then made the seating options all the more limited.   Good times 🙂

I left them all to bicker over my aunt’s possessions.  There is nothing of any real monetary value, and even sentimental value is questionable. It’s just stuff.  The youngest one seems to be gathering and claiming a lot of things that I have labeled as ‘she just wants for the sake of wanting’; she lives in Minnesota so I have no idea how she thinks she is getting some of it back home.  Anyway, not my problem.

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