The second wave

Today I was supposed to have a 3:00 phone screen with the HR director of the cosmetic company (not in NYC) that contacted me while I was in Virginia for my aunt’s wake/funeral.

3:00 comes along and no phone call, not surprising as the phone calls typically come a few minutes late.  3:13, 3:20, 3:30.  By now I am assuming she got the time zones mixed up as she is behind me. At 3:40 the phone rings!  Apparently she got completely distracted by something else she was doing!  She was very apologetic and we arranged the call for tomorrow instead.

While I was waiting, I was contacted by the L.A. niche apparel company HR manager who I last spoke to exactly four weeks ago today.  Back then she had mentioned that the hiring manager would be traveling for two weeks and, as I mentioned in a prior blog post, I left her a phone call a week ago yesterday.  I actually figured the job had dried up as so much time had passed!  She did mention Spring Break as being an added complication so I suppose things are in a bit of a funny lull due to various out-of-office issues.

I was also contacted by another apparel company today.  This one is in San Francisco.  Now that is a nice city!  We have set up the HR phone screen for next Wednesday.

So, still waiting to see if the job in Atlanta reaches out or not, and the cosmetics company in NYC has all my paperwork for a week now and that HR director should be back in the office this week so we’ll see if they call to bring me in for on-sites.

It is all just very slow going!

The last two weeks have been pretty quite and have caused me to get restless so spending some time with my cousins over the last few days was actually a good distraction although the circumstances were sad.

To recap, what I have in play right now is as follows:

  1. Cosmetics company in NYC, waiting to be contacted for on-site (applied March 2)
  2. Cosmetics company not in NYC, HR phone screen tomorrow (applied Mar 27)
  3. Apparel company in L.A., phone interview with hiring manager next Tuesday afternoon (applied Feb 27)
  4. Apparel company in San Fran, phone screen with HR next Wednesday morning (applied Mar 27)
  5. Apparel company in Atlanta, still wondering if I will be contacted for on-site (applied Feb 28)
  6. Denver construction company, had good interview with hiring manager last Monday but think I am over-qualified so not expecting an on-site…but I haven’t heard from them and I believe that HR manager would tell me if they decided I wasn’t a good fit (applied Feb 27)
  7. Super huge coffee company located in Seattle, received a v-mail while I was out horseback riding this evening so I need to call them back.  They give their employees a free pound of coffee every week.  Woo-hoo!, (applied Mar 27).

So, the oldest job still ‘open’ is from Feb 27, that’s 5 1/2 weeks ago and I still haven’t been on site!

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