$30 million? Really?

This kind of stuff just really makes me mad.  Apparently Matt Lauer has renegotiated his salary to $30 million (ANNUALLY!) up from just a paltry $17 million. Plus, it is reported that he said he does not want Ann Curry to be his co-host anymore.

I like Matt, by $30 million?  Even $17 million is just ridiculous.  Plus, in getting that he is forcing someone else to lose their job.  Okay, I know Ann may not be ideal, but it is all just so mean and greedy! There is such noise lately about ‘occupy Wall Street’ but this bullsh*t is going on everywhere. At my last company, people (including me) keep losing their jobs and people at the top of the pyramid keep getting promoted and/or making more in bonuses, options, etc…. the 1%.  The divide between the upper and lower levels continue to diverge and that just spawns resentment. That kind of thing is going on in companies across the country, it is not exclusively a Wall Street thing.  What about all the people that help Matt look good every day?  Be it his stylist or whoever writes his copy, etc.?  I bet they’re not getting big, fat raises.  But just think of how he could reward them if he only took a fraction of that $13 million increase and ask that (some of) the rest be shared!

In matters like this I suppose I am a total socialist.  I appreciate the spirit of capitalism and the American Dream and competition, etc.  But it needs to be healthy!  There needs to be some sort of salary caps on this B.S.  Other countries do it.

Getting off my soapbox now.

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