Including the three phone interviews I have lined up for this week, my interview tally will be 19 phone interviews for 13 different jobs so far!

Seven of the jobs are still in some open/active role.  The other six jobs really just weren’t good matches so they had to fall off.  Well, to be fair, I think I was taken advantage of on one of them.  It was for the job in Ohio which wouldn’t have been a preferred location for me anyway. The recruiter that phone screened me is actually under contract for the company and I think she just interviewed me for her own files as the job fell off the boards a few days later and then she had the nerve to send me a LinkedIn request!  I sent her an e-mail asking about the status and she replied with something unconvincing like she wasn’t aware that a candidate had already been identified.  She’ll get hers one day.

It actually becomes difficult to juggle too many, so you need to figure out which ones you are willing to let go but then keep a few others on life-support as back-ups/last resorts in case everything else falls through!

I have still to actually get on-site anywhere!  Today marks 6 weeks since I really started to apply seriously.  Just another reminder that this is slow going process!  Spring Break didn’t help.

In some ways I am glad that Spring Break (or whatever) caused a slow down during the last few weeks as it gives a chance for some of the newer jobs to catch up!

I continue to apply as I need to keep the rotation going!  Sometimes I feel like one of those circus guys that balances spinning plates!

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