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I had my phone interview with the hiring manager for the company in L.A. today.  It was an interesting conversation.  This guy comes from a very traditional / classic consumer products background and I think is a bit challenged by his current environment.

The company was founded under a very laid-back SoCal attitude and it seems that people go surfing at lunch, etc., and there are wetsuits and skateboards and such all around the place!

They were acquired by a much larger, traditional, very mature company about a decade ago but instilling processes and introducing metrics has been a challenge.

The job description, and the fact that this is not a recent acquisition, did not convey that there was such a cultural divide between the stand-alone company and it’s new parent. I very much respect the parent company, but am not so sure I am up for this battle!  Plus, there would need to be some sort of subsidy for the plastic surgery and spray-tanning and whatnot that I would need to fit into the Orange County area!  Look out ‘housewives’ 🙂

My friend Kim asked me just last night if I would consider a start-up and I reminded her of the device case company in Atlanta that I applied to and that they seemed so naive on what they needed to do to be viable that they thought I was the one that was crazy!  So many of these companies just don’t understand that they need to put measurements in place and that employees need to prove their value.  That’s so ‘old school’.

In the case of the Atlanta company, they are just too new/young to know any better.  In the case of this L.A. company, they have been around for several decades so (obviously) convincing them will be much harder as they have survived a long time without any ‘suits’ telling them what to do (suits of the tailored kind, that is!).

I don’t know!  The manager told me that he will have HR coordinate another phone interview for me with a member of his staff before they invite me in.

In the meantime, I have a 2:00 and a 3:00 tomorrow and I am finding it hard to motivate myself to prepare!  They are both attractive jobs at attractive companies…I am just in a state of fatigue from the whole job thing.

It is only week 6 since I really plowed into this job search stuff and from what I have been told the average time to land an offer is somewhere between 4 and 6 months so this is not good!

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