Real life Hunger Games

I was e-mailing with an ex-colleague earlier today (she was let go a few months ago) and she was telling me about two more people that were let go today.

Over the last few months there have been gradual cuts, my friend “D” was let go a few weeks ago.

It dawned on me during our e-mail conversation that it is like a real world Hunger Games. No one at this company feels very safe, they haven’t for literally years now.  There is also an undercurrent that these layoffs are supposed to serve as a subtle threat and get you to work harder.  Stupid notion.  Most everyone just seems to walk in there every day wondering who will get picked off next, and the Uppers (that’s what I call the executive management) seem to treat it like a sport.  Most employees have their resumes at the ready, or in some workable format, but unless you are actively looking to get out (and some key players have, and landed in great jobs) then you just bide your time till you get a package.

Yeah, that threat strategy really works well.  It is still an uncomfortable feeling to wonder who will get ‘taken out’ next…and (when) will it be you?

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