When you’re hot, you’re hot

This job stuff is such a hot/cold roller coaster ride!

Some of the jobs I applied for in early March (pre-Spring break) seem to just be stagnant at the moment.  I sent in all my paperwork to the NY cosmetics company and was sure I would get called in for an on-site but have heard nothing.  Similar situation with the non-NYC cosmetics company.  I phone screened with HR last Friday and still haven’t been contacted to schedule time to phone interview with the hiring manager.  I am not going to call and nudge them yet, though, as I’m now getting traction from my post-Spring break applications.

I phone screened with the L.A. niche apparel company hiring manager on Tuesday and have a second phone screen tomorrow with a member of his team.

I phone screened with the major coffee company yesterday and already have the hiring manager phone screen coordinated for Monday.

Some companies move so fast, then others just drag along.  It is hard to get a rhythm to this thing at all!   You’re hot, you’re cold…up and down…it is a wild ride!

This morning I applied for another job in Atlanta, where my friend Lacey works, so you just have to keep moving along as you never know what is/isn’t going to happen next!

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