I had another phone interview with the niche apparel company in L.A. today, that makes #20 in terms of total phone interviews to date.  It was with a member of the hiring manager’s team, so this person would be a peer that I would work with very closely.  I liked her a lot and we had a good conversation during which she calmed my anxiety (at least a bit) over how “SoCal surfer dude” the organization is.  She said that ‘yes’ there are at least 12-15 people that religiously skateboard through the halls and there is a surfboard rack outside the office and an area to hang wetsuits which is always full when she arrives to work in the morning but that when they ‘come in out of the water’ they are ready to work.

I would definitely expand my language skills with this job.  I already speak Irish/English English, standard American English, Yankee, and Southern, now I could possibly add a SoCal dialect.  Not sure what they call it exactly, that would be part of the learning process.

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