You Gotta Believe!

Today I applied for a job at the NY Mets!

I am not a big professional sports fan, but I spent a good portion of my life living a short drive from Shea Stadium and have been to countless Mets games and helped celebrate their 1986 World Series ticker tape parade.

Many companies in the city (that’s how New Yorkers refer to Manhattan, all the other boroughs are referred to by name) have season tickets to major sports to help grease palms, pamper clients, and whatnot.  For me, Shea was just an easy jump on/off of the Port Washington line of the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) so I often ended up with free tickets.  Good times, and plenty of dirty-water dogs!

I don’t expect to be interviewed for this job as I doubt they would need to source talent from as far away as North Carolina, but it was fun to do it and the slogan “You Gotta Believe!” is extremely applicable when job searching!

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