I put the kibosh on the non-NYC cosmetics job.  I just couldn’t do it.  I know I should have kept going on this to get the interview practice, etc., but I wouldn’t have felt good about it.  More importantly, I wouldn’t have felt good about myself.

There was a lot of ‘wrong’ vibes coming to me out of this job.  As a reminder, the HR Executive Director left me waiting for her call one day for 20 minutes and, after we rescheduled, she left me waiting 1:40 minutes the very next day!!!  But that’s just an added straw to the whole thing.  I really have an issue with the parent company and am not too comfortable about another business venture they are heading into.   No, I had to cut it off.

It would have hung over me like something I should go to confession over.  I already broke my Lenten resolution a week early this year, I don’t need any more help pushing me down the path to Hell!  🙂

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