Once again, I think my interviews are over for the week; however, every time I think I can  rest a little from researching, prepping, and being ‘on’ all the time, I usually get blind-sided with something else!  I am not complaining, but I must say I look forward to the weekends…just like in the ‘old days’!   Looking for a job is a lot of work!

This morning I had the HR phone screen for an apparel retailer located in the Pacific Northwest.  My morning latte kicked in while I was talking to her so I think I came off as being over-caffeinated but she seemed to enjoy our conversation and will pass me on to the hiring manager.

I have a lot of luck getting passed on and think I do well with the hiring managers, too, but I still have not had an on-site!

I was talking to a recruiter yesterday and I know what is working against me is my location.  Even if the company offers relo, if they find a candidate in their backyard that appeals to them as much as I do, or likely even just a bit less than I do, then it is more cost effective for them to pursue that other person.  Also, it takes a lot to convince someone that you are really willing to move and I expect many employers have been suckered down that rabbit hole only to find that the candidate has found something locally or changed their mind about moving, or whatever. I just have to keep emphasizing my skills and what I can offer, and work the personality side to convey that I would be a good ‘fit’.  It’s tiring work, but sooner or later something will stick!

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