And now for something completely different

I finished The Hunger Games trilogy early last week and while I enjoyed it I have to admit I struggled through the last book a bit as I started to get weary of all the righteous, good vs. evil stuff.

So now I am reading Life by Keith Richards.  That’s a pretty big u-turn, I think!

I love the Rolling Stones.  They are my fav old-school rock band.  I love music, but have never been much of a fan of some of those other classic rock bands like The Who (even though I have seen them live) nor have I ever been a fan of The Beatles.  For me, the next closest runners-up to that genre would be Queen and David Bowie.  More currently, U2.

Of course, there will always be a special spot in my heart for Elvis, especially after living in Memphis for 2 years.

But I especially love Mick Jagger!  Not only do I love his music, but his on-stage antics and dancing are just so uninhibited and entertaining!  “Moves like Jagger!”  We all know what that means!  I will be very upset when Mick dies.  To me, he is the complete embodiment of someone who has just loved and lived life beyond what any of us can imagine and has made an unbelievable living off of what he loves to do!

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Keith has to say.  He claims to remember it all!

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