DWTS = Dancing with the Stars.  I am a big fan.  It started years ago with a crush on Max, but now I just like the show!

This week was Motown week which is funny as I am reading Keith Richards’ book, Life, in which he talks extensively about his inspiration (i.e. Elvis, blues music) and fellow musicians of the time as the Rolling Stones were starting up and there was a lot of touring overlap with Motown artists.  He even had a serious romance with Ronnie Bennett of The Ronettes (later Ronnie Spector, as in Mrs. Phil Spector).

One of the big break-aways of the Rolling Stones was that they refused to dress alike, which was the style of Motown and all the other groups of the time, even the Beatles!

My sister has a funny story about being on a walking trail on the grounds of some hotel when she was on a business trip several years ago (I think in Palm Springs) and a man caught up with her and asked if he could walk with her.  My sister didn’t recognize him as being anyone famous and they walked together for quite some time talking about this and that and whatnot.  At the end of the walk, he thanked her for the company and they parted ways.  When she entered the clubhouse to change her clothes she was told that she had been walking with Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown!!  She does remember that he said he worked in the music industry but she still didn’t recognize him, and didn’t dig deeper, and I suppose he enjoyed walking along in anonymity!

I see Berry was in the audience of DWTS tonight.  He’s such a cutie!!!  Even now!!  I don’t know how she didn’t recognize that cute face!  I suppose it was just so out of context.

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